This semester has been an incredible time for Cornerstone College students. Together, we have studied through the nine different Psalms during our Monday night Bible studies – each looking at either a different emotion or attribute of God and how we as the people of God should respond to both. It has truly been a stretching season for all of us.

Also, in addition to the six interns who started out serving in the Fall, Cornerstone added a 7th intern, Chelsea Leander, to work alongside Brian Johnson in the areas of local and international mission. If you haven’t gotten a chance to meet our interns, odds are you have seen them serving in our Children’s, Youth, and College teams on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.

On April 12, we will be serving as a college community, though the rest of the Cornerstone family is welcome to join us. As a follow-up from one of our college groups that served there during My Jerusalem earlier this year, we will serve with the people of the Exodus Ranch, a home for children in need in Opelika.


This Summer is also looking to be really exciting as well. We are sending a team of eight students to Uganda in May, and a portion of the team is going to stay and work alongside teachers in the school at Buloba Community Church for an entire month – the longest term any Cornerstone people have ever lived among our brothers and sisters there.

I hope that gives you a snapshot of what’s going on in the life of our college community. If you’re available and want to connect with any of our students, please feel free to come to our large group gatherings on Monday nights at 8 pm during regular University semesters. For more information on Cornerstone’s College Ministry, click here or contact me at

Lee Cadden
College Pastor

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