My wife, Ann, was reading nighttime Bible stories to our 3 year old daughter, Tallie, a few weeks ago. Tallie was so engaged in what Ann was reading, but there was a discontent that Tallie was experiencing. She pouted, “But I want to know how to read.” Soon, Tallie, soon, you will be able to read.

When it comes to reading our Bible, often we wait for Rusty, Josh, or Brian to read it to us and explain what it means and how to apply it to our lives. Tallie revealed a truth to me: that if only I knew how to read and understand the Bible, a whole new world would be opened up to me, as I’m sure it would for you.

Many of us struggle, though, when it comes to reading our Bible:
– It doesn’t make sense.
– The Bible doesn’t speak to us today since it was written so long ago.
– Where do I even start?
– What do I do with what is revealed to me when I read the Bible?

Cornerstone’s next “Equip” sessions, “Equip: Reading Your Bible”, will prepare you for an incredible journey in the Story of God. We will discover the relevance of the Bible to our present day lives. We will equip you to understand what the Scriptures say, how they may apply, and what God is trying to say to you. We will give you an opportunity to experience the sharing of the Story of God. And you will be equipped with tools to strengthen your understanding of the Bible. These sessions will be April 24, May 1 and May 8 at the Hamilton Road Worship Area. Go to “Equip: Reading Your Bible” to register and for more information. So come join us in studying God’s awesome story of redemption, the Bible.

Pat Bethea-Youth Pastor

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