Role:  Photography Team Member

Purpose:  Take photos at Cornerstone Church events. Most of the time it’s as simple as bringing your camera and taking pictures at an event you already planned to attend.

Commitment:  One to three hours each month, depending on the event schedule.



What are the requirements:

We are looking for people with a heart to serve and eye for creativity with above average photo skills and who own their own equipment.

What do photo team members need to do?

Bring your own equipment to capture photos to share the event. Some photographers leave me their SD card or a disc with photos for me after a shoot then I get the photos and return the card or disc to them. I can also share a dropbox folder, if you prefer to use dropbox. (Its a pretty simple file sharing resource.) This is your choice. I just ask that we can get the photos quickly so that I can publish them as soon as possible.

What do photo team members take photos of?

Examples of events include, Infant Baptisms, Joining Sundays, occasional candid shots to show the life of the church, and special events such as Trunk or Treat and Baptism Celebration.

What is the privacy policy regarding photos?

This is Cornerstone’s photography statement: In our effort to present information and stories of the life and ministry happening at Cornerstone Church, we will occasionally take photographs of adults and children on Sunday mornings and during various church activities. We want to make you aware that photos taken at such times may be published through official Cornerstone communication venues such as Cornerstone’s Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and our Cornerstone website.  Please contact Julia Farrow, if you have any questions about our photography statement.

What about rights to these original photos?

As a photography team member you, grant Cornerstone Church all rights to use any photos that you create in online or print publication, future advertising, promotion, and any way we see fit.

How often?

This is completely up to you! I will let you know of opportunities and you can serve as often as you’d like. Most of the time, its as simple as bringing your camera to take photos at an event that you were already planning to attend.


Cornerstone’s mission is Leading People to Know and Serve Jesus. Photography is a strong communication tool that can be used in many ways to support our mission. For each event, I try to give photographers a “goal” or specific purpose or message that we’d like to communicate through the photos. You have an awesome opportunity to use your gifts and talents with photography and creativity to support our mission!


If you have above-average photographic skills, a desire to glorify God through photography, and are interested in this serving opportunity, please complete the contact form below. Ashley Coxwell, photo team leader will contact you.