This past Sunday, February 23, I had the privilege of celebrating, with my Cornerstone Church Lee-Scott family, the 2nd anniversary of our gathering in that location.

We enjoyed a time of family worship followed by a delicious potluck lunch in the cafeteria. We sang songs of praise led by our worship team, watched video highlights of typical Sundays and special events, and listened as Josh talked about the changes that have taken place since that first Sunday in the gym. He said that the most important changes have taken place within us, as individuals, because of our involvement in preparing the space and welcoming people each week.

Josh is so right! I’m not sure I can explain how it shapes you to see people giving of their time week in and week out to serve one another. Men, women, and children arriving early and staying late to set up and “break down” the space together, creating bonds along the way. I love that our men build relationships as they serve side by side doing the heavy lifting and technical work. I love seeing new families walk through the doors and those same families serving just a few months later. I love watching people step outside of their comfort zones to teach children and serve their families. I love the lessons our children are learning; not just the Bible lessons they learn in Rock City from the great storytellers and small group leaders, but also the lessons they learn after most people have gone home. They learn that giving doesn’t always involve money. They learn what servant leadership is as they watch their pastor stack chairs and push carts alongside volunteers. They learn that they are a useful part of the church body as they put away supplies, roll up carpets, gather trash, etc. My family is grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to witness what God has done these past two years and for all the friendships we’ve made at Lee-Scott.

Shannon Sawyer


Go to Lee-Scott 2nd Anniversary to see photos from the Potluck Lunch and Celebration on February 23.


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