Marcus and Sarah Margaret here, to tell y’all about what is happening this spring in the youth ministry. First off, we want to tell y’all how much we have loved hanging out and growing with your youth. They have been a huge blessing to us, and we have enjoyed seeing their love for the Lord grow more and more from week to week.We are thrilled to tell y’all about the exciting things we are doing this summer! High schoolers, grades 9 – 12, will have the chance to serve at M-25 Mission Camp in Atlanta in June. This will be a life-changing experience that you won’t want to miss! Middle schoolers, grades 6 – 8, will have the opportunity to go to Radius Camps in late July. This will be a great time to get to know other youth from all over and to serve others right in our own backyard! You can register for either camp here, and the $50 deposit is due by March 16.

This semester, we’ve been answering questions that our youth have asked in the past year. Questions like, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”, “Do I have enough faith?”, “How do I share my story?”, and several others. We’ll be ending this series in April, by incorporating questions that Jesus answered while being crucified, as it will tie into the Easter season. This has been a really fun time of learning more about ourselves, who we are, our walks with the Lord. And most importantly, learning about who God is and why He deserves our utmost affection. We also just started our Confirmation classes for seventh graders and up. They will be exploring their faith on deeper levels and deciding to take responsibility for their walk with God. They will be hearing from leaders of the church about key topics each week. We are excited to see this group of kids grow through these classes.

We, Marcus and Sarah Margaret, want to take a second and tell you what it’s like to be a Youth intern for Cornerstone. One of the greatest parts of our responsibilities is that we get to hang out with two people who truly love and care about the youth at this church, Pat Bethea and Ginny Hand. Looking into the future, it’s easy to see that their vision and leadership will bless the youth here. We cherish our times with them at our weekly youth staff meetings. Marcus and Pat provide the comic relief (and the sarcasm), while Ginny and Sarah Margaret provide the coffee… along with love and compassion. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to serve Cornerstone Church in such a personal way. We both are super passionate about laying a solid foundation within the hearts of youth. God is doing awesome and mighty things through the youth ministry. Y’all better be pumped!!

Marcus Popenfoose and Sarah Margaret Lyons
Cornerstone Youth Interns