Organization: Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) –  Homes in Lee  and Macon County

Role: Constructor, home repairer

Purpose: Volunteers extend the love of Christ through home repair and children’s ministry. We can help  ARM serve families and work as a force in alleviating rural poverty. Families most affected are children and our elderly. You can be the difference between substandard housing and a secure home for a loving family.

Role Description: Volunteers will do home repairs including: flooring, roofing, putting in wheelchair ramps and mobile home coating.

Additional Comments:

  • You do not have to be knowledgeable in construction to volunteer! Often times volunteers are needed to sit with family members and simply minister to them.
  • Those unexperienced in construction can join ARM during their two Saturdays a month.
  • Those experienced in construction can make a team of 5-7 people, adopt a family (such as low income or working poor or elderly with disability) and set their own dates for the family’s home repair.


If you are interested volunteering or want more information about this serving opportunity, please use the form below to contact ARM.