Connect_webLargeWhen marketers want to put a fresh face on an old product, they change something small and splash “new and improved” on the packaging. Well, in a way that is what we are doing with Cornerstone Connect for our Hamilton Road site. The difference is that the changes we are making are not small, and the end goal is not profit but Kingdom change.

For many years Cornerstone Connect has been a great way for people to find out more about Cornerstone if they wanted to become a member. We talked about the history of Cornerstone and the beliefs and values we hold up for attenders and members. It also had a component of how to get connected to the life of Cornerstone and why we do what we do. Beginning in 2014 some, but not all, of that is changing.

What we have realized is Connect can also be for people who aren’t quite ready to become members but want to know more about how to get involved. We have changed the content so our focus is on the life of Cornerstone, on how to get plugged in and involved on several levels. We will still have a component of how we journeyed to where we are as a church, but the bulk of the time will be spent on how to truly connect.

We’ll cover topics like small groups, serving, and mission opportunities. We’ll go deeper into not just “why” we ask you to be a part of more than Sunday morning, but also “how” to take concrete next steps. There will also be a component about how to join. However if you want to take that step, we’ll have a separate gathering with an even smaller group.

We have even changed the venue of Cornerstone Connect for our Hamilton Road site. We’ll be meeting at Toomer’s Coffee Company located across the street from the church in the Publix shopping center. Toomer’s owners Todd and Toni Holt have graciously offered to host each of the Connect gatherings this year. It will be a great and more intimate environment to get to know each other and our church better.

The next Connect is Sunday, February 9, from 12:30 until 2 pm for our Hamilton Road site. If you need childcare, you can drop your child(ren) off at the church and then come on over to Toomer’s Coffee. You can sign up here and do it quickly, because space is limited (that’s another tactic marketers use). If you have any questions send me an email or call Lynn Blount at the church office (334-887-1152).

Cornerstone Connect for our Lee-Scott site will be the same day from 3-5 pm and will be held in the comfort of Josh and Leslie Agerton’s home instead of  Toomer’s Coffee Company. If you are part of our Bred Pub site you can contact Brian Johnson, and he’ll walk you through how we handle Cornerstone Connect in a way that contextualizes that environment.

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