“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

I read this quote by Ben Franklin recently, and it reminded me so much of how things really work in the learning world. Several years ago I took flying lessons for a short time. The first few lessons were pretty much me sitting in the cockpit watching my instructor (Matt) fly us around and show me different basic maneuvers of the airplane.

Then one day we were going through our same routine of getting ready to take off and he said, “today you’re going to do the takeoff”. I said, “what? really? No way, I’m not ready for that.” He reminded me the best way to learn in an airplane is by actually flying it. That day I reluctantly performed a sketchy takeoff and learned more in ten minutes than I had learned in three complete hands-off lessons.

“Involve me and I learn.” Jesus was the master of teaching His disciples, modeling a new way of life, and then involving them in ministry. He invited them to join him in the work of healing, teaching, loving and leading. They moved from learner to practitioner once they were equipped. The movement and expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth happened because the disciples got involved. The church today is a product of disciples getting involved in the work of the Kingdom.

This has been a subject of much conversation among our staff and leaders as we discuss Dream 2020 and look ahead at what God is calling us to do based on the dreams we received from people in our church. We are getting excited about terms like “equipping”, “empowering”, and “engaging”. There is no doubt that the best way to learn the ways of Jesus and become more adept at living out our Christian faith is not just by reading the latest book, watching a sermon, or being told by someone how to live the faith, but by being involved in the work of ministry. This happens in many ways, but a good place start is by serving within our church. Then let that lead you to serve your co-workers, neighbors, family or friends. Then ask God for more and follow His lead!

Well, I’m excited about our future and praying for your involvement.


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