Over the next several weeks we will be featuring some of the volunteers who serve so selflessly each week at Cornerstone. Many of the volunteers serve on Sunday morning in roles like children’s ministry, guest services and on the worship team. But there are an equally large number of volunteers who serve in roles that are not on Sunday morning.

One of those volunteers who has impacted Cornerstone Church for many years and in many roles is Keven Yost. First and without a doubt, Keven loves Christ. Beyond that Keven’s first role is as a husband to Elizabeth and a father to Kaitlin and Ethan. He is also a finance professor at Auburn University and an accomplished marathoner. Keven grew up in my home town of Plantation, Florida, where he still has family.

Most of you probably know Keven as the guy who plays keyboard with the worship team on Sunday morning. Most mornings Keven plays, you can catch him walking to the church from his home not too far away. He is usually carrying a mug of coffee and his iPad.

Beyond Sunday mornings, Keven has served in many roles at Cornerstone over the years. He has served on and been the chair of our Finance Team which also required him to be on our Executive Leadership Team. He has been a volunteer at Camp Cornerstone, co-led our Dave Ramsey classes, and been a part of our Exponential Project leadership. Currently, Keven is on our Dream2020 team and co-leads a small group.

The value of a volunteer is not necessarily in how many positions and roles they serve. It is in the impact they make in the place God has called them to serve the church. It is how they use their God given gifts in building up the body of Christ through serving.

Keven is not only a servant in the roles he fills, but he is also a leader. He brings a sense of humility and challenge to everything he does at Cornerstone. In Ephesians 4:2-3 Paul encourages us to “Be completely humble and gentle; bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

Whether he realizes it or not, Keven lives out this verse as a servant leader in all that he does at home, at work and at Cornerstone. The fact that he serves and has served in so many roles at Cornerstone is just a bonus for those of us who work with him.

I have learned a lot about how to lead and how to serve from Keven. I am proud to call him my brother in Christ.

Jack Fisher

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