As I write this post I am very distracted. There are several things going on at once, and it’s making it hard to focus on anything in particular! The rush to Christmas has begun, so there are parties to attend, gifts to buy, services to plan here at church, my middle son Wesley is playing in the AHSAA state football finals this weekend in Tuscaloosa, Auburn football (self-explanatory), people needing assistance, sermons to prepare, and then just all the little unexpected things along the way. Anybody else have this type of season going on right now?? Ever feel overwhelmed or distracted with so much coming at you?

I guess a question you might have is “distracted from what?” Well, right now, distracted from getting several high priority things done, but also even distracted from the only priority that really matters – focusing my day/life on Jesus. It’s easy to blow through several days and allow Jesus to get lost in the fog of our crazy lives. It’s a short step from a focused mission to allowing your mind and heart to be overtaken by thoughts and cares that are selfish and unproductive in the Kingdom. I think about what Paul wrote in Colossians when he said, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God”. Ahh yes, I have a new life and a new focus. To keep my mind and heart tied to this earth is to say, “God I trust this world more than I trust you. I believe this world will give me a better life than you.” To be “hidden in Christ” is to be under His blessing, His protection and His guidance. It is to have the best life we could possibly know here on earth. I, we, need to marinate our minds in the things of Christ and thus keep heaven our fixed goal.

So, distractions will come. They are a part of our weakness while on this earth. But, take heart that the power of Christ lives in you to help you overcome. Maybe you need to commit to DO some things from now until Christmas. Help out on Saturdays in December with our free Christmas gift wrapping in Tiger Town. Take part in our Food Stock 2014 by filling several boxes with food. Or just make sharing the love and kindness of Jesus Christ your focus everyday.


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