Every now and then I am going to be dropping in here on the blog to share with you some thoughts, insights, inspiration, church stuff and personal stories in the hope it will keep you more informed and us a little more connected. So, stay with me, and we’ll see where this goes!

This past Monday during our weekly staff production meeting, we had a surprise visit that caused all of us to take a field trip outside. Tim Grooms (who attends our Lee-Scott site) brought by something that would make most men, all tailgaters and any grill officionados drool at it’s sight. It’s a mobile, pull behind, super grill on wheels with all the extras. Fresh off a new paint job, it looked brand new and ready for some meat and a crowd of hungry people.

While the grill itself is very impressive, the vision and purpose behind it is even better. This idea was birthed in Tim as a way to feed people at church events and as a way to serve our community. In other words, his heart was that this grill would become a vehicle for ministry. You see Tim loves to cook on the grill. You often see him flipping burgers at our Baptism events. He simply took his love of grilling and his desire to see our church reach more people with the love of Jesus Christ and combined them into one vision. He was able to get most of the materials and labor donated, so it didn’t cost him or the church very much to construct this mobile cooking machine. The vision is now a reality of bringing people together so they might fellowship and share the love of Christ with one another (hopefully all of this around some smokin’ hot Boston Butts!)

I think Jesus, who knew what it meant to feed the hungry crowds, would be proud of Tim, this vision and the grill. I think it’s also a great challenge for all of us to be sensitive to God’s promptings in our own life to DO something that advances His kingdom here on earth. We all have a call, the question is “are we listening?”

Thanks Tim.

Until next time, Peace.


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