The topic of  “Women’s Health” is often treated with embarrassment and shame- but this team of women from Cornerstone went into the community of Buloba to empower women and girls by -giving knowledge-  sharing encouragement –  telling them that it is ok to become a woman-and teaching them that they are  beautiful daughters of God, who are fearfully and wonderfully made.

In Uganda, millions of girls miss up to 5 days of school per month due to shame and lack of feminine products. In an education-competitive society, this can affect their entire future.

In October 2013, a group of ladies from Cornerstone went to Buloba, Uganda to share love with women and girls of the village. The Cornerstone family has built trust with the people of Buloba- which allowed safe conversations about the serious problems with women’s health and hygiene.

These ladies share about their experience teaching the  women that they are valuable and loved- and giving basic training about women’s health and hygiene. They had a wonderful opportunity to hand out about 300 packs of a product called “Afri-Pads” to prevent sickness and infection due to lack of feminine products.