There is something incredibly powerful about sharing a meal with someone, especially when it takes place in your home or in some other intimate space. The clamor of daily life fades in the presence of good food and the fellowship that exists around a table; Jesus knew this truth all too well. He was the master of inviting himself over for dinner (often putting himself in seemingly precarious situations) and meeting people where they typically ended most days with their families: the dinner table.

At the end of his earthly life, Jesus and his closest allies gathered to share a meal together and remember God’s deliverance of Israel out of Egyptian slavery. There at the table with his friends, Jesus bared his soul, the very heart of the Father’s passion in sending him to this broken world, and told them that his body was going to be broken where theirs’ should have been torn and his blood would be poured out where all of theirs’ should have been shed. Little did any of them know that, in following their teacher in to Jerusalem that final time, they were accompanying the final sacrifice, the perfect lamb (John 1.29), to his death.

Communion, or the sharing of fellowship for all who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, is our regular remembering of all that Jesus has done for his brothers and sisters. It is not merely something that we do out of habit or ritual (though I myself was raised in a tradition of faith where this is the case for many) or something we do lightly, for we recognize and confess our sin as we come to the table as one who has been washed clean (1 Corinthians 11.28); Communion is a delightful part of our worship, a privilege, that Jesus himself commanded of all who would follow him.

Christians are a forgetful people. Communion is our way of reminding ourselves and one another that none of us are worthy to share a table with the King of Kings, yet he bids us, “Come, remember me. Remember what I have done for you. Delight yourself in the richest of fellowship and food that eternity has ever known. Now go in to your week armed with grace, peace, mercy, and the love of Jesus Christ.”

Lee Cadden
College Pastor

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