Cornerstone Youth consists of an amazing collection of people seeking to know and serve Jesus.  On Sunday mornings look around our three sites and you will see youth engaged in serving Cornerstone Kids, playing in worship bands, greeting at the doors, worshiping with their families and friends.  Sunday nights, Cornerstone Youth meets at our Hamilton Road site for a gathering designed to connect youth from all sites to worship, play and engage in small groups.  Grab breakfast throughout the week and you will likely run into our senior high small groups digging deeper in their faith.  Cornerstone Youth is developing leaders among our teenagers.  With the encouragement and guidance of over 65 college, young adult and parent volunteers, our teenagers are building a foundation of leading one another to know and serve Jesus.

This school year, our focus in this leader training is on the questions that drive us to know Jesus and give us confidence to lead others to know Jesus.  Right now we are looking at 7 of the nearly 175 “Questions Jesus Asked”, next spring we’ll answer the questions that our youth have about their faith.  This is helping our youth to know that when they have questions and seek biblical guidance from experienced mentors, then their faith will grow.

In a few weeks our Senior High youth will experience a Fall Retreat that is designed to empower our youth to “Rise Up” and take ownership of their role to lead.  I expect God to place on the hearts of these youth a desire to see this generation take ownership of their faith journey and see how God is moving among them.

Next summer Cornerstone Youth will be serving Jesus in our Lee County communities, in Atlanta with the homeless and among our friends in Uganda.  God is laying a foundation for the future of our Cornerstone Youth, and I anticipate God igniting servant leaders to Rise Up from among our Cornerstone family. For more information, go to Cornerstone Youth or email me at pat@cornerstonebuzz.org.

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