The volunteers at Cornerstone Church rock. How do I know they rock? Just look around any Sunday and you will see how many people it takes to pull off the morning. I can tell you one thing, the staff can’t even begin to think we can do it alone.

I am going to walk you through a mental tour of Sunday morning and the volunteers who serve so generously to prepare and make each week happen. It doesn’t matter if you are at our Lee-Scott Site or our Hamilton Road Site – the experience is similar.

When you drive into our parking lot, the team of parking guys are there to greet you. They are friendly and efficient and are responsible to not just help you find a parking spot but also to set the tone for the morning experience. My only question is, why aren’t there more women?

As you enter the building you can’t help but notice the team of greeters. The main priority of the greeters is to make each person feel welcome. From time to time they might answer a quick question or two and possibly point you to our welcome desk for more information.

Speaking of the welcome desk, this team is a bunch of “know it alls”. This is a highly knowledgeable bunch of people who can answer just about any question you might have about Cornerstone. If they can’t answer your question, chances are they can find someone rather quickly who can.

The other team you will experience in the lobby is the cafe team. This group makes the coffee, keeps the donuts supplied and cleans up the area so your experience is great. While most of you don’t interact with the people on this team directly, you certainly get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If you have kids, you will probably take a right turn in the lobby at Hamilton Road or a left turn at Lee-Scott. This is where you will check your kids in to either Rock City or Pebble Path depending on their age. The volunteers you meet here are actually security people disguised as the check-in team. Their main responsibility is to check your child safely in to our children’s areas for the morning.

Beyond our check-in team is the great staff of volunteer teachers, band members and actors. They prepare each week to engage your child with the love of Jesus and the lessons of the Bible. This team also focuses on keeping your child safe so you can have a worry-free opportunity to worship for the next hour.

As you enter the worship area you will be handed a connection card by another wave of our greeter team. They make sure everyone has a card with important information about the morning and any upcoming activities for the church. You might also interact with our “ushers” –  formally known as the recovery team. They can help you find a seat, and they also help with the offering.

The final team, and the one that literally rocks each Sunday morning, is our worship band. They are a group of talented musicians who practice during the week to bring music to our Sunday morning worship.

Now I don’t want to leave out the volunteers at our Bred Pub Site. While they serve with the same heart as any other volunteer at Cornerstone Church, their roles are a little different. They help with setting up the bar area before and after the service and transport things from and back to Hamilton Road. Each week brings a little different experience, so volunteering at the Bred Pub is less structured and more fluid.

Volunteering or, more accurately said, serving others can provide some of the richest and most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Christ provides us with the ultimate example of living life in service to others. If you feel compelled to start serving on a Sunday morning here is how…

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