Last winter we kicked off our year long Dream2020 project. The idea is to capture the dreams God is placing on our hearts for the future of Cornerstone and to imagine together what could be. The first step was to collect dreams, and we have collected hundreds from all ages and stages of life. They span everything from small personal dreams to large God-sized dreams that we can’t achieve without Him.

To give you an idea, here are a few of the dreams we have collected:

  • To reach out to youth who are struggling in their faith, and for them to have a place to call home.
  • Combat the epidemic of divorce.
  • Outreach to nursing homes.
  • Outside amphitheater and park on our undeveloped 15 acres.
  • Equip parents to know how to disciple their kids.
  • More empowerment of the church body to meet the needs of the community.
  • Coffee shop that appeals to seekers.

Our second step was to organize these dreams in categories or buckets. With all the dreams we received it was hard to narrow them down to a just a few buckets so we have 18. Some of the dreams actually land in several buckets, and while this exercise was challenging, it was actually a lot of fun. Some of the fuller buckets are discipleship, outreach, family and leadership. The second step is now complete.

Our third step is to sort through all the dreams in all the buckets and make sense of them as we move forward as a church. Each bucket needs to be sorted through and compare the dreams to our mission of leading people to know and serve Jesus. We have to lay our values on top of those dreams, pray a lot and seek God’s direction.

Our final step is to present a vision for Cornerstone over the next seven years. We plan to present this vision at our Celebration Dinner early next year.

Dream2020 is a big deal for us. Please continue to pray for Cornerstone and what God has planned as we impact our community both locally and globally. Remember, we want to have dreams so big they can only be accomplished if God is planted right in the heart of each one.

If you have any questions about Dream2020 just send me an email to

Jack Fisher, Director of Operations

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