As I pack and get everything ready to begin this trip to Uganda one thing keeps coming back to my mind “I feel overwhelmed.” –Jamie Ignanga Moussirou 

 At this moment I am overwhelmed by the amount of stress I can produce while trying to choose the “right” outfit for the “right” activity. But then I stopped that and looked at my to-do list and began to feel overwhelmed by the huge list of things I want to accomplish in the day and a half before I leave.

In my panic I stop and realize that all of this is possible because I am overwhelmed with grace and love given to me by God. That feeling has washed away all of the others and put my mind at peace. I may be overwhelmed by the day to day running of a household in a busy world but the love of my heavenly Father can so quickly reduce the anxiety from the world around me.

In the process of planning this trip with Lisa Randall, Kim Scarborough, and Jana Womack, I have been overwhelmed by their commitment to the vision of this trip. To teach young women, all women, not only about their bodies but how they have been “beautifully and fearfully made.” I am also overwhelmed by the support we have received not only financially but also by the prayers and the love shown through gifts of time. I am overwhelmed by all of the people that I do not even know who have been pulling together for months to make this ache planted in my heart almost a year ago turn into an action, to go and to teach.

I am overwhelmed that anyone would do this for me, for Lisa, Kim, or Jana. Even pulled together into a team of amazing women it is hard for me to understand how I can deserve any of it. It makes sense when I realize that this is not about me or my worth but instead about going and being the hands and feet. Going and through small gifts and few words showing the love each of you have shown for each to a group of young women.

Thank you so much for your support, I am excited to be the voice of this trip and to share every bit that I can with you! Please continue to pray that we will together continue towards God and do what we can to point all we meet to His overwhelming love.

Jamie Ignanga Moussirou

** For more updates on this trip, go here.

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  1. Ladies, I see so much joy in your sweet faces! The planning and anticipating prior to your trip has been an inspiration. And now, you are there pouring into the lovely people of Uganda! Praying blessings upon each of you and those whose lives you will come in contact with.

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