Fresh cut grass, hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, children laughing and playing, and lives being given to the Lord; that is what Baptism Celebration is to us.


This past Sunday at the Cornerstone Lee-Scott site, our family was able to celebrate the baptisms of several members of Cornerstone Church. We love the way that Cornerstone has a big “celebration party” and invites the entire church to celebrate together.

Now that we have three campuses it is important to us to remain connected with friends that attend a site other than Hamilton Road. The relaxed atmosphere of the Baptism Celebration mimics the atmosphere of Cornerstone itself.

There is something about worshiping with a couple hundred of your close friends. Lawn chairs, blankets, bug spray and sunscreen just mean “family” in Auburn. We are able to just relax and see what the Lord is doing in our community. Our girls are able to see that too.

Our family looks forward to the Baptism Celebrations held at Cornerstone. It is a visible reminder of what is happening in our church. God is working in our families, community, and in Cornerstone.

Keith and Carrie Horne for the next Baptism Celebration. If you’re interested in talking to someone about baptism, please contact Lynn Blount at or 887-1152.

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