I got an email from a friend of mine and fellow Cornerstoner, Ray Abner, a few months ago. He asked if I had time to meet him for a cup of coffee because he had something for me. When I walked up to him at the coffee shop he handed me a book and said God had placed it on his heart to write a book. He said he had started and stopped several times and this time he had finished and was published.

The book is titled Psalmist, I Am,  and it is a unique book about the Psalms in the Bible written in a format that encourages journaling. The Book of Psalms has been referred to as the greatest collection of songs, prayers and poetry ever written. Some of the 150 songs were written for public worship, some for private devotion, but they were all designed to lead people to God.

Ray’s hope is the reader will immerse themselves in studying and journaling their way through the Psalms. His perspective is that we are all psalmists, and we can relate to the emotions of the writers of Psalms by walking through this selection of verses and looking for comparisons in our everyday life.

Of the many encouraging reviews of Psalmist, I Am, this one by Jalynn Patterson provides a great summary…

… a thorough study on the book of Psalms in order to give us a better understanding of the book… put ourselves in the midst of the words the author is speaking… to gain better knowledge and to apply it to our everyday lives… Best of all the author has included a place in each section of the book to jot down your thoughts and journal about them.

Ray attends Cornerstone most Sundays when he is not traveling because of his job. He serves in many capacities but most recently with his wife Sonya and their daughter AnnaBelle with our Cornerstone Kids on Sunday morning. One of my dreams one day is to run/walk the Grand Canyon rim to rim with Ray, something he has done multiple times.

We have a couple of copies in the Book Corner at Cornerstone. The next best place to get a copy is through Westbow Press here or on Amazon here. It is even available as a Kindle download on Amazon. I highly recommend journeying through the Psalms with Psalmist, I Am.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations

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