Fall always brings some distinct experiences to the Auburn and Opelika community. The students return to school, the air begins to get a little crisp and cool, the leaves change color and of course there is football. And with football comes tailgating.

Tailgating is defined in Wikipedia as “a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle.” Tailgating started as an event to build community and support around a team or a cause.

On Sunday, August 25, Cornerstone will be having a tailgate party of our own. We will have tailgate tents set up in the parking lot at Hamilton Road to build community and support around our small group ministry and Sunday serving opportunities.

Small groups at Cornerstone are a gathering of people outside the Sunday morning experience that is an avenue of connection and discipleship. We encourage everyone attending Cornerstone to consider joining a small group. The tailgate event will give you an opportunity to see the different small groups available and a chance to talk with the small group leaders.

Serving on Sunday morning is a large part of the worship experience. It takes as many as 75 volunteers at each service to make sure every guest has a great experience. With the addition of a third service beginning this Sunday, we need more volunteers. Just like with small groups, there will be opportunities at the tailgate event for you to talk with team leaders for all of our serving areas.

At our Lee-Scott site, you will have these same opportunities to connect, just not in the parking lot. Look for the small group and serving team leaders who will be ready to talk with you about their groups and teams.

Connecting about small groups and serving is a little bit different at our Bred Pub site. All you need to do is talk with Brian Johnson, the Site Pastor at the Bred Pub.

We hope you will consider stopping and talking to the leaders who are ready to help you connect. Bring your questions and interest on Sunday the 25th and we will be ready for you.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations

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