Do you remember the first time you came to Cornerstone – whether at Hamilton Road or Lee-Scott sites? What did you notice first? Now put yourself in the position of a first-time visitor to Cornerstone Church. What experience would you want your first-time visiting friend or relative to have? The goal of Guest Services at Cornerstone is to provide our guests with a distraction-free worship experience that will “lead them to know and serve Jesus.” But we can’t do that without you.

We are “Making Room” for more guests with an additional Sunday morning Worship service at Hamilton Road. And adding an additional service means adding more serving opportunities – more opportunities to put someone else’s needs above our own. Matthew 20:28 says that Jesus “came to serve, not to be served.” If Jesus can give up himself for others, why can’t we give up some time on a Sunday morning for his kingdom?

Whether you love meeting new people while greeting, making sure we don’t have children’s check-in glitches, or making coffee, there is a place for your to get out of the crowd and into the frontline at Cornerstone, no matter which site you attend. You just never know how that simple handshake or helping someone find the restroom can make such a difference in their worship experience. For a list of Guest Services serving opportunities, go to serve. For more information on any of these and to take your next step at Cornerstone, contact Julia Farrow

Julia Farrow
Volunteer Coordinator – Guest Services

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