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When someone mentions the word obedience, what type of thoughts come to mind? If you are like me, you may remember stages of childhood where you couldn’t wait to grow up and be independent.But when we look at obedience from God’s point of view, it helps us to see how he uses our obedience toward him and the leaders he has placed in our lives to shape us.

 Banner-RockCityMonth2This month in Rock City, our kids will be learning the importance of trusting and obeying their leaders even when it’s hard. Kids will see examples of leaders in the Bible who, despite their flaws, chose to follow God. And because these leaders trusted God, the people under their leadership grew and benefitted. Through the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and Abraham, our kids will understand that God can do great things through us when we trust and obey.


In Pebble Path, preschoolers will also be learning how to trust God through the message that God knows what is best for us when we are making decisions between “this OR that.” It’s not always easy to make the wise choice, but we can rest assured that God is always looking out for us and has our best interest in mind.

Though it’s not always fun going through the growing pains of God molding us, it is awesome to see the result when he helps us become more like Jesus. Our hope is that our kids will grow this month as they trust and obey the leadership that God has provided. Help set an example for our children by being leaders who follow God, so that these little ones can one day become strong leaders in their families and communities as well!


You can visit our Parent Page for more encouragement in leading your kids well and insight into what they are learning this August with Cornerstone Kids.

Aimee Northrup, Elementary Ministry Coordinator

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