We are in the thick of summer now, but the fall season in the Auburn-Opelika area is fast approaching. If you missed Rusty’s post last week announcing the change in service times starting August 18th, you can read the full post here. For those who attend our Hamilton Road site, we are “making room” for those seasons when we are at maximum capacity.

One of those areas you might not have given much thought about is our parking lot. As Rusty mentioned, the 80% rule certainly applies to our parking lot. Once we reach about 80% capacity, we just won’t be able to accommodate additional vehicles, and therefore, people. We would never want something like limited space in the parking lot to be a barrier to worship, so we need your help starting in August.

While we are adding an additional service, which will open up additional spaces, that extra service also presents some challenges to traffic flow and perceptions of a full parking lot. To help alleviate some of these issues and reduce the barriers to worship for visitors and guests, we would like to ask you to consider three ways you can make a great impact on our parking lot.

1. H: Hamilton Road. Please refrain from parking on the grass on Hamilton Road, especially when there are open spaces in the parking lot (once the city finishes the sidewalk this won’t be an option anyway).

2. O: Overflow. If you are able, please leave the spots close to the building for our first time guests, visitors, and those who physically need to be closer to the building. We have plenty of parking towards the back and in our overflow gravel lot.

3. V: Vehicle. You might not think about how many of us bring multiple vehicles to church on Sunday. Commuting to church sounds simple, but for every open space in the parking lot it gives us one more space a visitor or first time guest could take. That makes a big difference!

Just these three simple steps will make a big impact on first time visitors and guests. We would love for you to consider these as we move into the fall season. Thanks so much!

Scott Fillmer
Business Administrator

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