My heart is overwhelmed by the Father’s faithfulness.- Laci Fralish

We began our journey in hopes of sharing the Father’s love with people in Uganda. But we return with our hearts full as the Father revealed himself more to us through our amazing new friends in the sweet children and adults from Buloba, Kampala, and Bwerenga.

Our youth team just returned from Uganda, and my heart is overwhelmed. Our team of eight, Pat, Ginny, Wes, Lauren, Maggie, Kathleen, Kaitlyn, and I, was incredibly blessed by this beautiful country and her beautiful people.

We spent most of our trip in Buloba playing with the children in the school. We played with bubbles and beach balls, and we learned net ball and a Ugandan version of Red Rover. It was incredible to watch the joy on the faces of these children as they just laughed and played. I loved watching my girls, Maggie, Lauren, Kaitlyn, and Kathleen, interact with each sweet, smiling child. At the end of each afternoon, we could feel the sweet sensation of our cheeks hurting simply from smiling and laughing all day long. Some of our favorite moments were spent playing with children, walking to the well hand in hand with kids, teaching classes, and spending time getting to know the teachers. Overall, we absolutely loved spending time at the school and church.

One impactful moment for each of our team members was getting to meet our sponsor child. Many of us did not realize the impact that the sponsorship program has on the lives of these children. There are no words to describe the joy on each child’s face when they finally meet you. It is not $35 a month and an occasional letter as so many of us thought. These sweet children know you. They know your family. They want to meet you. We had countless children ask if we knew their sponsors. They asked for you by name, and they would deliver a message through us. It quickly became evident to my girls that the Father is using this sponsorship program in an enormous way. And many of the children who have been sponsored previously are now sponsoring children themselves through a new initiative from Africa Renewal Ministries. To read more stories of Cornerstone’s Mission Teams that worked Uganda click here.

Laci Fralish

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