Wow, Summer is flying by! Fall will be here before you know it. I even noticed commercials on TV dealing with “Back to School” (come on people, it’s early July!!). Oh well, it reminds me of a few truths – “time waits for no one”, “seasons come and go”, and “change is a part of life”.

That “change” truth is something we are very familiar with here at Cornerstone. Churches that grow and are on the move must embrace change as a normal way of operating. Because of our desire to move our mission of “leading people to know and serve Jesus” forward, over the last couple of years, we have made intentional decisions to amend the manner in which we grow. We sent Josh Agerton and 175 people to begin a new journey by worshiping at Lee-Scott Academy and reaching new people at that location. At Hamilton Road we made a change by going from three to two worship service times. In February of this year, we sent Brian Johnson and several families to extend our mission in a very unique way at the Irish Bred Pub restaurant in downtown Opelika. The result has been new people reached with the love of Jesus, more people serving in different ways, and more groups forming solely around the mission of engaging people who are far from God.

Also, during this time we have discovered a change that we need to make at Hamilton Road. We need to be “Making Room” for guests on Sunday Mornings. At peak times/seasons during the year, the “80% rule” comes into play around our campus. We are at 80% capacity either in our parking lot, children’s area or in the worship space. Anytime this happens you need to deal with it before you reach 100% + capacity and there is no more room. So, we have made the decision to get ahead of this issue by going to three services on Sunday Mornings beginning August 18 (Hamilton Road site only) to “make room” for regular attenders and guests. After much deliberation, church-wide surveys, and prayer, we have landed on 8, 9:30 and 11 am as the time options.

This is a great opportunity for us! Those who’ve said “man, I wish we had a regular early service” – here you go! We hope many people will make 8 am their new service. In fact, we would love for 150 people to commit to attending the 8 am service. Doing this would make more room available for guests at times when new people generally visit a church – 9:30 and 11 am. It will also encourage the band, Preacher, and volunteers to see your smiling faces so early on a Sunday morning! Speaking of volunteers, this additional service will open up more opportunities for more people to be involved in serving.

God is doing great things here at Cornerstone! He is constantly providing new opportunities to be faithful in carrying out His call in our lives individually and as a church. I really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to do whatever it takes to lead more people to know and serve Jesus.

Sincerely in Christ,


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