It has been a year since Cornerstone put feet to what God was stirring in our hearts about Foster Care in our community. Many of you know that as Christians God calls us in James 1:27 to “look after orphans and widows in their distress”. Over the past 12 months we have lived out that verse as a church family.

By the nature of foster care, there aren’t a lot of details we can publish due to privacy issues with the children and families we serve. But with that said there are some great things happening.

Several Cornerstone families have been certified to serve as foster care homes in Lee County. We also have a few more still in the process of certification. All of the families certified have either cared for children or provided respite care for other foster families during the past year. As I write this we have two families actively caring for foster children.

We have hosted the BigHouse Foundation in our building for Kid’s Night Out many Friday nights this past year. KNO, as we know it, is available to all foster families in Lee County and it provides a night out for foster parents. They can bring their foster children as well as their own children by Cornerstone for a fun night of activities and pizza with the BigHouse volunteers.

Cornerstone has also connected with the great staff at the Lee County Department of Human Resources. This is the team of professionals charged with coordinating all foster care activities in Lee County. They have a very hard job, and we have provided lunch for them throughout the year as well as, and more importantly, constant prayer to support the work they do.

Cornerstone made a prayerful decision to “run a marathon” with foster care. We are committed over the long haul to follow God’s calling to care for the orphans in our community. If you would like to get involved here are two next steps you can take.

  • Visit our website and specifically our foster care page.
  • Pray for Cornerstone, our community and all families and individuals directly involved with foster care.

If God is placing the call on you to become a foster family, you can drop by the Next Step table after each Sunday morning service to talk directly to someone about foster care.

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