Here’s what’s happening this month at Cornerstone Kids. You will find information about what the kids are learning, preview videos, take home materials and more.

Banner-RockCityMonth2It seems like summer is a time when we all try to slow down and remember what’s important. In Rock City, we are embracing that this month and getting back to the basics. We call it “Base Camp,” and we’re exploring Jesus’s life for some insight to what was important to his growth, and thus is important to our spiritual growth.

Taking our inspiration from Luke 2:52, we’re spending the month of June growing in wisdom and in faith to build ourselves up in character like Jesus, and then in July we’ll be growing in friendship as a way to share the light of Christ with the world.


Banner-PebblePathMonthSimilarly, in June our little ones in Pebble Path are looking at everything that God has created and celebrating that it is good! When we sometimes feel like we’re not good enough, we can remember that God made us, and that, more than anything, makes us good enough! In July, we’ll take this knowledge to help us remember that with God, we are up to the challenges that life brings.

What a beautiful picture of discipleship for our kids and for us as adults! What if we all take the summer to build ourselves in character like Jesus, remembering that God made us just the way He wants us to build his kingdom? That way when summer is over and things pick back up again, we are well-equipped to show Christ to others in our circle of influence.


So here’s our challenge: find a concrete way to grow in wisdom and faith over the course of the next month as a family. If you need ideas, check out our Parent Page for some specific things that you can do with your kids at home that reinforce what we’re already doing on Sunday mornings.

Have an awesome summer!

Beth Cofield-Cornerstone Kids Site Director at Lee-Scott

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