What do you get when you mix 290 kids, over 180 volunteers, excellent speakers, a team of great ministry leaders and the support of tons of parents all standing strong for God? It sounds like Camp Cornerstone 2013 to me.

It was an amazing four days that wrapped up this past Saturday with teams serving in our community. But the preparations started months before.

Beginning some time after the first of the year, the meetings start. Jill Harris, Director of Children’s Ministry, along with her team, get together with Beth Cofield, Children’s Site Director at Lee-Scott, and they start looking at dates and material for the next Camp Cornerstone.

As the year goes on, they start hammering out the details with volunteers and other staff members. These meetings are where the foundation and structure for each Camp Cornerstone is built.

As the week of Camp Cornerstone approaches, skilled, and some not so skilled, laborers (including many staff husbands) begin designing and building the set we see on the platform. They are at the church early in the morning and stay late into the night for many days straight.

Finally the day arrives when volunteers, kids and parents fill the worship space at Cornerstone Church Hamilton Road to kick off the first night of Camp Cornerstone.

Camp Cornerstone is a lot of fun, but more importantly Camp Cornerstone honors God. The way our kids are shown the love of God through the outpouring of the volunteers is amazing. The lessons and music teaching our kids and many adults about Christ will surely stick in their hearts.

This was our 13th Camp Cornerstone starting back in 2001. I have been around for all of them and each one is better than the one before. A huge thank you to the children’s ministry team and all the volunteers, parents and staff that poured in to our kids for months, weeks, days, hours and minutes to praise our God. To see photos from the week, go here. See a video here.

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