On June 5th I will be coming to Auburn to kick off Camp Cornerstone.  I’m now 66 years old, our three kids are now parents, and we have ten grandchildren.  Every generation has to tweak their parenting techniques a little due to new situations and different environment changes.  My generation didn’t have to deal with the issues our kids and grandkids are facing.

In preparing for your kick off rally on Wednesday, June 5, I asked for help from our son, Jeremy, who lives in Birmingham.  He has three children, two girls, 12 and 10, and the boy, Trust, who is 6.  This past Christmas, Jeremy (who could be a stand-up comedian when telling stories about the boy) was telling me one such antic. Trust had done something outside the boundaries set for him by his father. Jeremy was trying to explain to Trust that he had to discipline him for violating the boundaries set for him.  “There are consequences for breaking the rules,” Jeremy explained.  The boy couldn’t quite understand.  Finally after repeatedly trying to explain, Jeremy just resorted to saying, “It’s my job!  I have to discipline you.  If I don’t I won’t be doing my job!”  I don’t know why this was so funny to me, but it was.  Following that story, I asked Jeremy to send me five or six job descriptions he has as a parent.  I think they are very insightful, but fairly simple.  I will use them for my outline to kick off Camp Cornerstone.  It’s My Job will be the title of my talk on Family Night, June 5, 6-8:15 pm. Find more information about Camp Cornerstone here.

Mike Darnell, Life Coach and Counselor

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