The temperature outside felt more like early spring than May. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds and offered a little warmth for our outdoor Baptism Celebration at Hamilton Road site.

Cornerstone’s Baptism Celebration is not a typical baptism experience! It is a party… celebrating the covenant of baptism and the new life and hope in Christ. As the smell of freshly grilled burgers and hotdogs floated in the cool air, about 200 people of all ages spread blankets and lawn chairs outside in front of the building. I saw faces of friends from Hamilton Road, Lee-Scott and Bred Pub sites mingled together throughout the crowd, along with family and friends of those being baptized.

As I sat on my picnic blanket, regretting that I did not wear a jacket. I was cold. But then I imagined the 42 people being baptized felt even colder! I watched their faces as they stepped into the cold water. Each one smiled when they stepped out and wrapped up in a warm towel. I thought about each one and each of their personal stories. I thanked God for restoration and new life. It might sound kinda cheesy, but I thought about God’s love being wrapped around His children. His love does more than comfort (like a towel), but gives hope and strength and purpose. It is exciting to think that no matter what situations life may bring, we have the unfailing love of our heavenly father. His love is more than enough for us to just get by – but to live life in freedom and full of joy.

The Baptism Celebration was not only a great get-together, but it was a time of celebration and praise for what Christ has done and how He continues to use all of our life stories for His kingdom. You can see a video recap of the Baptism Celebration here. Watch in the fall for the next Baptism Celebration. If you’re interested in talking to someone about baptism, please contact Lynn Blount at or 887-1152.

Ashley Coxwell, Graphic Designer

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