What is a God sized dream? If you ask blogger Holley Gerth this is one thing she says about a God sized dream:

“It’s too big and impossible to be my ego. It’s too hard and unrealistic to be driven by self. It’s too rife with the possibility of failure to have been dreamt by me. I know it’s from God.”

I really like her description. It is dreams like this we are looking for during our Dream2020 process at Cornerstone Church. We want you to pray hard and really listen to what God is placing on your heart for Cornerstone and our community that is so big it can only be accomplished with God in it.

Many of you at Cornerstone have already shared your dreams. We have seen some great God-inspired dreams, and there are many more to collect. We will continue to collect dreams through May and here are some ways to share them:

  • Go to our Dream2020 web page here.
  • Send an email to Dream2020@cornerstonebuzz.org
  • Visit our Hamilton Road or Lee-Scott site on Sunday, May 5, and grab a card to fill out. They will be in every seat.
  • If you are in a small group, share with your small group leader.
  • Write on the boards posted at one of our three sites (Hamilton Road, Lee-Scott and Bred Pub).

We want to hear what God is saying to you. Even if you have already given us a dream, pray and dream some more. Once May is over, our leadership team will sit down and sift through what you are telling us. We’ll narrow our focus and get ready for another round of dreaming in the fall.

Dream big and dream God sized dreams.

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