This past Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful morning of outdoor worship and a cookout at our Lee-Scott site. The weather was perfect, burgers and hot dogs were on the grill, and there was laughter and fellowship all around.

Voices joined together in singing praises to our God. It was an amazing day. Driving home that afternoon my daughter said to me, “That didn’t feel like regular church, Mom, it felt like a family reunion.” I smiled and agreed, with my heart full of gratitude.

I am so grateful that God has placed my family in Auburn at just this time to be part of what is going on at Cornerstone Church. I am grateful that he called our leadership to start this Lee-Scott site. Meeting in a school gym every Sunday is a constant reminder to us and our kids that church is not a building, but that WE are the church. I am grateful that the people we worship with each week truly do feel like family. I am grateful for the men and women that bring the children of Lee-Scott alongside them as they set up chairs, roll up rugs or move carts each week…quietly modeling for them what it means to have a servants heart.

Last Sunday, as I watched kids running and playing together, and people sharing hugs and smiles, I thought back over the journey our church has been on this past year. God is doing amazing things through Cornerstone Church at Lee-Scott. I saw the faces of so many people there who have been on a path of transformation over these last twelve months. Some of them are new believers. Others have been in church their entire lives but are now growing deeper in their faith than ever before. I have never before been a part of a body of believers that have such servant hearts. Each week I am amazed by the way that so many people within our faith family pour themselves out for the sake of reaching others for Christ. My life, and the life of our family, is forever changed by being a part of this church. – contributed by Amanda Hammett


We have been part of Cornerstone Church since 2007, and we have immediately felt at home. Being part of Cornerstone’s Lee Scott launch team has given us the opportunity to make many new friends while serving Jesus. Our family loved the outdoor service and BBQ at Cornerstone’s Lee Scott site. It was a fabulous spring day and nothing beats an inspiring sermon, good fellowship, hamburgers, cupcakes, games, and toe-tapping music by Jon Myles and the Lee-Scott Band. Our 10-year old daughter commented that Lee Scott is “the best church ever!” – contributed by Anton and Teska Schindler


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