DREAM (verb)- To imagine together what could be.

This past January, at our Celebration Dinner, Lead Pastor Rusty Hutson kicked off Dream2020. Dream2020 is a year-long dreaming and listening process to hear what God is placing on your heart for Cornerstone. For the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter, we prayed intentionally for Cornerstone, our community, and for the impact we can have for Christ. This month we officially begin the listening process.

For the next few months you will be gathering in teams to share your dreams for Cornerstone. We want to know what impact you would like Cornerstone to have for Christ in our community and around the world? Some of you will meet with your volunteer teams like guest services and children’s ministry and others will meet with your small group. These gatherings will be an opportunity for you to share what God has placed on your heart to impact His Kingdom through you and Cornerstone.

You will begin hearing from your team and small group leaders over the next two weeks if you haven’t already. If for some reason you are not plugged in to a team at Cornerstone you will still have a chance to share your dreams through other venues like a mail-in card and an online form. These will be available in May.

Each of us at Cornerstone is part of something bigger than ourselves. Every individual is a subplot in the story God is writing through our church. In turn, our church becomes part of the story God is writing through each person.

Be a part of Dream2020 through prayer and participation. We want to help each person discover his or her thoughts and dreams about the future of our church. As we seek God and share our dreams together, we believe we will discover the vision God has for us.

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