Here’s what’s happening this month at Cornerstone Kids. You will find information about what the kids are learning, preview videos, take home materials and more.

Every day when I pick up my 2-year-old daughter from preschool and ask her what she did at school that day, she responds to me with a list of friends that she played with. Even on the day when a live duck came to her class, she wasn’t interested in talking about the duck, but the highlight of her day was playing with her friends. I don’t think this really changes as we get older. It’s not what we do as much as it is who we are with that matters to us.

Another thing that is true about young children as well as adults, however, is that it’s not always easy to keep healthy friendships with other people, but those friendships are what get us through the good times and the bad. God designed us to do life together, and our Rock City kids will spend this month examining scriptures that help us know how to be great friends.

Banner-PebblePathMonthOur Pebble Path kids will be remembering the fact that they’ve focused on the past few months, that Jesus wants to be our friend forever, and then learning how to share that with others. It may seem lofty to think about preschoolers as evangelists, but I have personally seen adult friends of mine who may not have a close relationship with Jesus suddenly soften when my daughter requests that we say a prayer of thanks before a meal or breaks out into one of the songs she knows about Jesus. Let’s embrace the faith of these children and teach them how to share it!


What I love most about this month is that both Rock City and Pebble Path will be drawing their lessons from Paul—both his story and his letters in the New Testament. This is a great chance for whole families to dig in a little bit deeper to who Paul was and learn from his character, as well as his words to the early church.


Remember to check out the Parent Cues that come home with your kids each week to see the exact scriptures that we’re examining on Sundays, and if you miss a week—no worries! Just go to the Parent Page on our church website and print them out yourself. And while you’re there, check out the videos featuring families in our church who have found ways to nurture the faith of their kids at home.

It’s also time to visit our website and register your kids for our great summer offerings.

Camp Cornerstone is for current 4 year olds through 5th graders and will be held June 5-8th. It includes an evening of fun and worship for the whole family on Wednesday night at our Hamilton Road site, two more nights of great fun and worship just for kids at the same location, and then a chance for families to serve together in our community on Saturday morning.
Student Life for Kids Camp is for current 4th and 5th graders and will be held July 25-28th. It is an overnight camp held at Shocco Springs near Talladega, AL, with great worship, small group time, recreational opportunities, and a chance to build friendships just like the ones we’re learning about this month in Rock City.

Blessings to you!
Beth Cofield-Cornerstone Kids Site Director at Lee-Scott

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