Jesus, you are the highest King who went to the lowest place. You, who were in very nature God, came into this world, lived as a servant among us and ultimately gave youself over to death – bearing the very consequence of our own rebellion against you. Today we remember again that we are washed clean and made new because of your blood and sacrifice on the cross. But now we turn our eyes to your beautiful resurrection where you conquered even death itself. We ask you to open our hearts and minds once again so that we may see the mysteries of your love, mercy and power over death through the resurrection. Tomorrow we celebrate you Jesus! Amen.

Challenge: Prepare yourself this evening to break up your normal Sunday morning routine and join the Cornerstone family in celebrating His resurrection with the sun breaking over the horizon. Sunrise services will be at 6:15 am at our Hamilton Road and Lee-Scott locations.

Josh Agerton
Site Pastor, Lee-Scott site

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