Father, I pray for our church and the path you have laid out for us. Help us follow that path in all that we do. Open our eyes to this community and the world. Show us the places of brokenness, desperation and difficulty that need to be touched by your healing hand. Show us the intersections of life in our community where our church can stand and point others to you. Show us the hearts that need to be awakened to your love. Then give us courage and faith to take steps that build bridges of hope between grace and despair. We love you. We need you. We will not go forward without you. Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment. Amen.

Challenge: Continue to pray and dream for the future of our church. Open your mind and heart to see a bigger picture of what is possible. Don’t limit your vision to the past or a few minor tweaks within Cornerstone, but to our church being a catalyst for real change out there, in our community and around the world. Be prepared to share your dream.

Rusty Hutson
Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church

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