Just before midnight this past Sunday 15 weary travelers rolled in to Auburn on our way back from Uganda. We had just spent the last seven days in and around Kampala and Buloba learning, sharing and growing with some of the people in that area.

The team originally started as two groups, 10 college students on spring break and five professionals going to learn about Ugandan agriculture. By the end of the week we had become one team with a goal of leading people to know and serve Jesus.

We arrived in Uganda seven days earlier on Sunday morning. We hit the ground running with everyone going to two different churches to worship with them. The next two days for the college students were full of hanging rain catch systems for homes in Buloba and playing with the children. The other five of us traveled to three locations to assess and learn about their agricultural situation.

On Wednesday the two groups merged to visit a children’s remand center. We had the chance to meet with the staff, learn about the reality of what happens to these children and the struggle necessary to provide justice for them. It was heart wrenching and full of hope all at the same time. The most amazing part of the day was watching the children’s reaction as our team played games and just spent time showing them the love of Christ.

Thursday was spent visiting two great examples of Ugandans caring for Ugandans when all of us went to Bethany Village and Bwerenga. Both locations care for orphans in some ways that I am sure make Christ smile. The kids are loved, taught about Christ and have full meals and a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Friday was a little more casual when we went to understand more about African Renewal Ministry (ARM) and Cornerstone’s partnership with them. A few of us had a couple of meetings while the rest of the team visited with children in the school supported by ARM.

Saturday was the day we saw clearly the impact Cornerstone has on the people of Uganda particularly in the village of Buloba. We were a part of Center Day which is when 310 children sponsored by Cornerstone families all descend on the church in Buloba. They are taught about Christ, get a very full meal and then they play for a couple of hours. Four of the people on our team got to meet their sponsored children. That was incredible!

So, that was our week in Uganda. It was an experience I don’t think any of us expected. We learned a lot, grew close as a team and experienced how the love of Christ can shine even in what can be some very dark places. But I think all of us would agree it was great to be back home.

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