“Three years ago, Cornerstone received an invitation. It was an invitation to join a movement in Buloba, Uganda…We’re extending that invitation to you.”

Over the past few days, I’ve been editing some video that we were able to capture on our most recent trip to Uganda. The words above came from Josh Agerton, our pastor of connections, as we talked through how to tell people about what we are doing in Buloba. Genuinely, this is our heart. We joined a movement, a movement to partner with other believers in a completely different part of the world, for the sake of the Kingdom, for the sake of hope, for the sake of the gospel.

Cornerstone has been given the opportunity to help with a permanent structure for the local church, carry bibles to local families, give clean water through a bore hole well, sponsor over 200 children (on the way to 300, let me know if you’re interested) and so much more. We’ve also been given the opportunity to see Believers worshiping in new ways, lose our inhibitions in finding new ways to grow and serve, and what love looks like by watching our friends in Buloba. We are in a partnership of advancing the gospel with the followers of Christ in that community.

This Sunday, after the 11:30 service, we will be having an informational meeting about two of the three trips we currently have planned for this year. The first trip, May 25th-June 3rd, will be geared for university students. The second trip June 8th-June 18th, will be for families. If you’ve ever been interested at all in what we are doing in Buloba, then come join us this Sunday to find out more about what we will be doing on each of these trips. Attendance at this meeting doesn’t lock you in to going or anything, but it will help you be more informed about how you can join us this year.

We could continue doing what we are doing in Buloba, or we could take some next steps together as a community of believers. We can’t do this alone. It must be an united effort. And we’re inviting you to join us in that work.

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