Heavenly Father, you have called us to be a people who spread your name and love other people, and I pray we would do just that. You are the only example of a perfect, steadfast love, and I pray you help us to completely embrace this love You freely give and then allow us to lavish it on other people. Let the things we say and do towards others be a reflection of the love you’ve given to us. Let your love change us and give us the strength to step out of our comfort zones and truly give all we have for the sake of Your name! You do not want part of us, you want ALL of us. I pray that we give until we have nothing left to give, love until we have no more love, and serve in a way that brings You glory. I pray you would open me up to all you have to offer me, no matter where that takes me. Stretch me in ways I can’t even imagine, and let me be a vessel to help further the kingdom at Cornerstone and in Auburn. Let your love overflow through me and out into this community. Amen.

Challenge: I challenge you to truly accept this love that God has for you. This perfect love that will never fade no matter how far you have strayed or how many wrong things you have done. You are not useless in the midst of your sin, God has redeemed you and wants to use the ordinary and the broken to do His work here on earth. Embrace this amazing love in a way that you have no other option than to show this love to other people. Literally, let Jesus’s love for you overflow to the people you come in contact with every day.

Kelsey Thomasson

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