The partnership that Cornerstone shares with Buloba community in Uganda- in many ways is made possible because of our friend Patrick Sserunjogi. Patrick is a very important part of our church family and the ministry that is taking place in and around Buloba.

We joined a movement, a movement to partner with other believers in a completely different part of the world, for the sake of the Kingdom, for the sake of hope, for the sake of the gospel.

Cornerstone has been given the opportunity to help with a permanent structure for the local church, carry bibles to local families, give clean water through a bore hole well and sponsor hundreds of children.  We’ve also been given the opportunity to see Believers worshiping in new ways, lose our inhibitions in finding new ways to grow and serve, and what love looks like by watching our friends in Buloba. We are in a partnership of advancing the gospel with the followers of Christ in that community.