About the time this is hitting your inbox, I will be on my way with 15 other Cornerstoners to Uganda. There are 16 of us unified with one mission, to lead people to know and serve Jesus. While we have one mission, the tasks we will do are varied.

There are two groups among this one team. One group is made up of seasoned professionals; two veterinarians, an agronomy and soils specialist, an animal feed and nutrition expert, and me. Our task is to understand the agricultural needs of two villages and at least two children’s homes and to begin mapping out a strategy to help them move toward being more self-sustaining in their food needs.

The other team consists of 11 students who are anxious to see what God has planned for them; planned for them not only on this trip to Uganda, but also as they move through a season of their life called college. The students will be working with and serving the people of Uganda in Buloba and other locations around Kampala. They are there to learn from and to love the people of Uganda.

This will be my second trip to Uganda, and I can’t wait to get there. I made some good friends the last time I was there and look forward to meeting more people. While our reasons for being there are many and our tasks will keep us busy, our mission is one. We are there to love the people we connect with so they see something special in us – so they see Christ in us.

If you want to follow us on this trip, Liezel Oosthuizen, one of our team leaders, will be blogging at http://liezeloosthuizenblog.wordpress.com/. We also have a video camera, and I am sure you will see a video at Cornerstone one Sunday morning soon.


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