Heavenly father, I pray that you would consume the hearts of the men in our community and in our country. Convict our hearts that we have dropped the ball of Christ-like leadership, but with your direction and discipline we can take back what we have given up. May we come to be men who bless our wives, children and, most importantly, you with an honest, pure walk through life. Thank you for loving us and actually needing us to be ambassadors for you. In Jesus Christ precious name I pray. Amen.

Challenge: I would challenge men to align yourself under God, by giving your heart to Him, spending time in His word every morning and loving others as He does. Deuteronomy teaches us in chapter 6 to teach his word to our families, talk about him when we wake, sleep, sit down and walk along the road. I want to challenge ALL men to live for Christ and watch the world we live in change for the better.

Mark Fuller

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