cropped-bredpubbuilding.jpgThis past Sunday, March 3, 2013-  Cornerstone Church launched its third site in the Auburn/Opelika area in what some might consider an unlikely place, the Irish Bred Pub at the corner of Ninth and Rail in downtown Opelika.

We’ve been moving towards this date for about eight or nine months now, and God has continued to open doors, build relationships and affirm His leading as we began this new site.

Steve Nutter, the owner of the Bred Pub, graciously opened the upstairs for Cornerstone on Sunday mornings, providing a unique atmosphere for the body of Christ to gather to offer a place for many who would never consider to attending a “traditional church” to explore faith in Christ.

On Sunday, 34 kids, teenagers and adults, gathered upstairs at the Bred Pub to worship Jesus and to begin the conversation of how we will live out the gospel together in the Opelika community, serving together throughout the week in very tangible ways, gathering in each other’s homes, and celebrating on Sunday mornings as well. We’re praying that this new expression will be inviting to people who don’t know Jesus and that it will be a welcoming place for people to learn of His saving love.

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