Not everything that is broken can be “fixed.”

We have all heard that the Foster Care System in the United States is “broken.” Most people familiar with the process of taking kids out of family homes for a variety of reasons and placing them in the home of others can come up with a list of flaws, holes and cracks. When thinking about something broken, our human instinct is to “fix” it. Glue it back together. Shelter it. Nurse it back to health. Foster Care may be a broken system, but it is a system that can never be fixed.

I have heard several caring people say that if a very small percentage of Christians followed through with the commandments to take care of widows and orphans that all of the orphans worldwide could have homes. That may be true, for a very short period of time. We, as humans, come in one condition, broken. Broken people create broken systems. People may be healed, mended or sheltered, but we are unable to be made whole or fixed without the grace and love of Jesus. The “broken” foster care system is the same. We may be able to care for a child, shelter them, and mend broken hearts, but despite our best efforts, we will be unable to make a child whole. If all of the orphans of today found a home, the broken human condition would create more tomorrow.

Caring for orphans is a never-ending job.

The Foster Care Ministry at Cornerstone Church has learned that the greatest need in Lee County is to provide care to children over the age of 12 along with homes that are able to love groups of siblings under one roof. This is a need that we are currently unable to fill. Does this mean that our efforts are in vain or unnoticed? No, in fact, recently two Cornerstone families have gotten the call to serve as foster families and are currently caring for foster children. However, if we ask how we can serve the broken instead of how to fix the broken, the answer is clear that we must work to fulfill the need.

Please prayerfully consider what you and your family can do in order to help fill this need. We may not all be called to be a foster parent, but as followers of Christ we are all asked to care for orphans. We will be starting a new GPS class late this summer. GPS (Group Preparation and Selection) is a series of classes designed specifically to educate potential foster parents and is required to become a foster parent. Please pray to see if you have a seat waiting on you there. We have families being licensed to become new foster parents; please pray to support them in this time of transition for their families. We have foster families that need to welcome a new foster child with toothbrushes, pajamas, teddy bears, and shoes; please consider giving a Wal-Mart gift card to help these families provide these immediate needs.

For more information on Cornerstone’s Foster Care Ministry and to see how you can be a part, go to Foster Care.

Jamie Ignanga Moussirou

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