Father God, my prayer today is for people who are new residents of our area, particularly those who have made an international move to live here. Whether they are here to be students, professors, or working with the automotive manufacturing facilities nearby, our hearts reach out to them in their time of adjustment to this new culture. Also, for spouses and children in these international families who have moved here to support a family member’s career path, we ask your love and comfort as they face any fear or loneliness that comes with being surrounded by an unfamiliar language and having their closest family and friends thousands of miles away. Open our eyes and hearts to our neighbors, coworkers, and classmates who are far from their native countries, push aside any cultural barriers that are between us, and allow us to show them Your love while they are here in Lee County. Amen.

Challenge: Reach out to a new neighbor by offering a meal, helping to introduce them to services and activities in our area, and/or inviting them to our church. If you have children with international students in their classes at school, invite one of these children over to play. Connect with someone of another culture in a positive way this week while you’re out in public. Even if you have difficulty communicating due to language differences, a smile goes a long way!

Beth Cofield
Children’s Site Director, Lee-Scott

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