I received this email from sweet little Harper’s mom a couple of months ago. Meredith Martin shared, “Harper came home from church yesterday, and I asked her some of the questions on the ‘homework’ sheet from the curriculum. When I asked her ‘who made you?’ she said LOUDLY, ‘GOD!’

And when I asked ‘who loves you?’ she said, again emphatically, ‘GOD!’  Last week she walked around all week saying ‘God made ME!’  It makes my heart so happy to know that she is learning so much already, having only been in the two year old class for three weeks! I am glad what we are teaching at home is being reinforced at church. I know some churches don’t have a curriculum for children her age, and I am proud to call Cornerstone our church home and so glad that y’all recognize that two year olds are yearning to know God!”

Yes, our little ones are yearning to know God! They are eager and open and, like little sponges, they soak it all in! Serving our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in Pebble Path on Sunday mornings is such a delight! Each week as we rock babies, play with puzzles, blow bubbles, color, learn Bible stories, Bible verses, and sing songs together, we are introducing these precious little ones to our Heavenly Father and His great love for them.

March is going to be another great month in Pebble Path. It will be a month of “Wow” moments for our children. As we think about the amazing gift God gave us, we just have to say, “Wow!” God sent His Son to die for you and for me. It should make us all say, “Wow!”

That’s what we want for our little ones, too. We want them to be wowed by the miracles Jesus performed in the Bible stories they will hear each week. We want them to be wowed by the awesomeness of Jesus’ power. We want them to be wowed by His entrance into Jerusalem, and we want them to be wowed by the fact that He came alive on Easter day. As we lead up to Easter, we’ll help our children learn to treasure our Savior and the amazing gift He gave us.

You will want to continue these wow moments at home this month. Our weekly Parent Cue take-home sheets will prompt faith building discussions with your family. You can help your little one see that Jesus was the ONLY one who could perform those amazing miracles. Help them to feel the excitement of Palm Sunday. Help them to experience the joy of Easter.

To learn more about what your kids will be experiencing with Cornerstone Kids this month, visit our Parent Page. Here you will find a Cornerstone feature family video, great parenting resources, a link to some great worship music, and much more.

Know that our Cornerstone Kids staff team prays for our little Pebble Path friends, our bigger Rock City kids and all of our Cornerstone families. May God bless you this month as you prepare for Easter and the celebration of our risen Savior!

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