One of the simplest needs that students have while away from home is the presence of a family that loves and supports them. In a church family with many college students blended together with families, connecting students with families is an obvious win-win for both students and families.

At Cornerstone, the purpose of College Adoption program is to bring families together with students in a unique way that adds value to both the student and to the family. While the Tuckers inviting Phil to live with them during his last semester of school is a unique situation (see video below), it represents the heart of the program: we want to welcome you in to our family…however that looks. Over time, students and families don’t see their relationship as something they put on their calendars but as one that becomes part of the regular rhythm of their lives.

If you would like more information about how you can connect with a family, or invite a student in to your home, email me,, for details.

Lee Cadden
Director of College Ministries

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