Love Does is a fun, encouraging, and often personally challenging read, based on the adventures of Bob Goff. Some readers will recognize Bob from being mentioned in a Donald Miller book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Bob is a lawyer by day who lives wide open- celebrating life and proclaiming Jesus in simple yet paradigm shifting ways.

In this book Bob shares stories from his life and what he has learned from those experiences, and how they have shaped his approach to life. Here are a couple of Bob’s adages from the book:

“I used to think knowing God was like going on a business trip with Him, but now I know He’s inviting me on an adventure instead.”

“I used to think clinched fists would help me fight better, but now I know they make me weaker.”

“I used to think that taking a risk would reduce the number of friends I have, but now I know that love draws more people in.”

This book was especially meaningful to me, loudly affirming what God has been saying to me over and over and over… Do Not Be Afraid. In that message, loving others is redefined, success is redefined, failure is redefined. I am taking that message, and deciding to try new things. If those things don’t work, not saying it was a failure, or I failed, but rather it was something I wasn’t afraid to try, and then asking what can I learn from that experience.

So, in conclusion, read it! Love it! Share it! Love Does was great for my teenage daughter to read, and I read several stories out of the book to my husband and other two children, so it is appropriate for a wide range of ages.

There are copies available in the Cornerstone Book Corner, and it can also be ordered here.

Review by April Olive, Director of Small Group Ministry at Cornerstone

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