“Rak Chazak!” If you were at Celebration Dinner you heard me point to this ancient Hebrew battle cry that inspired so many people of God throughout history. “Chazak” means “tenacity of Soul” and “possessing a resolute and growing resolve for the glory of God”. Commanders would shout this to the army as they headed into battle. The battle cry actually comes from another Hebrew phrase, “Chazak Amats” which means, “Be strong and of Good courage!”. As our church moves forward into another chapter of the story God is writing through us I just think the title of this chapter should be “Rak Chazak!”. It is a reminder to us that in Christ we have more than we need to do all that God is calling us to do, therefore, be strong and of good courage! We just have to own this reality and move forward (individually and corporately) with complete trust in our God who doesn’t embrace the meaning of impossible. And I believe we will.

Another important item that I shared at the dinner was this…”DREAM 2020”. An essential part of the Exponential Movement that we are in, is to continue dreaming for the future of our church. So we are going to spend the next 12 months dreaming about the future of our church and our community. This is an “all skate” event where everybody in our church is asked to participate. We want you to think about questions like, “how do you see our church ministering to our community (Auburn, Opelika, Beauregard, etc.) between now and the year 2020?”; “what holes do you see in our community that need to be filled with the love of Jesus Christ?”; “what are your dreams for our church?” We want to hear from as many people as possible! I’m very excited about this and the possible implications for Cornerstone and the communities in which we live. After 12 months of collecting dreams and praying together as a church, we will put this together in one complete report that will then be unveiled at Celebration Dinner 2014. Speaking of prayer, a major component to this project will be something called “40 Days of Prayer”. This will begin at our Ash Wednesday service on February 13. In these 40 days you will be invited to pray along with the rest of the church to seek God’s direction for the future of our ministry. You will be well informed along the way as to the details of this praying and dreaming process.

So that’s it! Celebration Dinner was a great time together. 2013 is going to be a great year for our church. Thankful to everyone for their investment in our mission of “Leading people to know and serve Jesus”. “Rak Chazak!”

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