Cornerstone is a United Methodist Church. Some of you might say I already know that, but it does surprise us how many people don’t. When we changed the sign by the road a little over a year ago, one of our local papers called to ask why we aren’t Methodist anymore.

Cornerstone is definitely a UMC church. Rusty is responsible to a District Superintendent who leads the Montgomery-Opelika District of the United Methodist Church of which Cornerstone is a member. This district sits in the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church which is led by a Bishop. The Alabama-West Florida Conference is part of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference helps make up the General Conference which has the final say in all things United Methodist. Generally it is thought the UMC church has a governing structure that is similar to that of the United States Government.

We also follow the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline. This book describes how each United Methodist Church as well as the different conferences need to govern themselves. It talks about everything from how we handle counting money in each church to the many beliefs of the UMC. If you came to our annual Charge Conference a couple of weeks ago you know the connection we have to the bigger UMC.

While all of this is important, Cornerstone decided several years ago to minimize how we promote Cornerstone as a member of the UMC. Not that we don’t want to be, quite the contrary, it helps Cornerstone to have the structure, support and deep history of the UMC at the foundation of what we do. But, we also know that individuals are becoming less concerned with being a part of a denomination and just want to be a part of a church that loves God and loves people.

To learn more about the United Methodist Church you can go to the main website at or click on any of the links in this post.

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